Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need gym equipment?

No, there are two types of workout plans available. One that requires no equipment and one that requires dumbbells if you happen to have them.

What if I have questions about the challenge once I join?

All questions pertaining to the Quarantrain Challenge must be posted on the Facebook support group wall. This makes for a quickest response from a team member of Quarantrain or from J Lopez himself. This challenge promotes a team working environment.

I have physical disabilities and limitations. Can I still join?

Yes you can join. There are modified exercises for some workouts.

*Please consult your physician prior

If I acquire dumbbells for the challenge, what weight do you recommend?
The workouts are designed for weight loss and toning, 5 to 15 pound dumbbells will be great. Keep in mind that challenge participants have accomplished amazing transformations with no gym equipment, however, implementing dumbbells is also an option if you decide to.
What times and days would I workout while on the challenge?
Everyone that joins the challenge will have access to all of the full workout videos 3 days before the challenge starts. You can set your own schedule to conveniently workout on your own time. 2 to 3 workouts a week is recommended, however you’re more than welcome to do more, as there are more than enough workout videos to keep you consistent and engaged during your 6 week weight-loss and toning transformation.
What kind of meal plans are given?

General, pescetarian, and vegan. 

Do I receive my workout videos after joining?

You’ll gain access to your account upon joining. Actual workout videos will be availble for viewing day before the challenge starts, this is fair to everyone that joins the challenge.